Clover Cochran grew up on a working cattle ranch. Surrounded by texture, form, and light effects, she couldn’t help but fall in love with sculpting.

Graduating from Southwest Texas State University gave her the tools of graphic design and concept based sculpture to turn the world seen through her eyes into artwork.

Taking what she knew growing up, she has created a body of work that describes the creatures and people of ranch life, while maintaining the movement and emotion of her subjects. “When I can show humor or any deep emotion, I feel I have accomplished my challenge with a piece. Splittin’ Hare in particular is great to draw a laugh from most viewers.”

She plans to create artwork describing the many places she has traveled around the world. Clover hasn’t seen a dragon in real life, but she even has the desire to create such mythic creatures along with any other critters that may spark her interest.

“I have created a number of pieces as commissioned works. I always enjoy this challenge, that of taking something in another person’s mind and dream and turning it into reality.”

Please enjoy viewing the several collections of her work shown on this website.

If you have direct questions for the artist, please send an email to: